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Hi, I’m Ty!

I’ve been a sincere foodie since way back when the “food network” was my Saturday morning cooking show lineup on Maryland Public Television. I would watch hours of shows like Yan Can Cook with Martin Yan, Julia Child’s The French Chef, and my absolute favorite—Justin Wilson’s Louisiana Cookin’. I was probably the only 8-year-old on my block pretending to chiffonade leaves with a twig! These days, you can find me pretty much doing the same. Only now I’ve graduated to edible ingredients with actual cutlery.

For the past few years, I’ve been a work-at-home momma at On Ty’s Plate. I started this blog out of my love for cooking and a personal creative outlet. Once I discovered that blogging could become a source of income for my family, I set out to learn the current blogging climate and photography. I spend most days testing and perfecting recipes, improving my photos, and helping other bloggers learn the skills needed to create sustainable income.

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About On Ty’s Plate

At On Ty’s Plate (OTP) you will find tried and tested tasty recipes that are simple, budget-friendly, with the everyday cook in mind. My specialty is Southern Comfort but as a sincere foodie, I love to share an eclectic mix of culturally inspired recipes from around the world. You will also find from scratch desserts, culinary sauces, and cooking tips and skills with detailed instructions throughout each post. Finally, you will find an honest cook, who loves food and sharing knowledge.

Most Popular Recipes

The most popular recipes on the site come as no surprise. Southern soul food cuisine and delicious pound cakes are what I’m most known for. These recipes are family favorites and I am more than happy to share them with everyone!

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Questions? Comments? Compliments?

I love hearing from my readers! If you have something constructive and/or encouraging to say, please send me a message. You can always request help or report errors. I also appreciate respectful suggestions on how I can improve a recipe or technique.

Collaborate with On Ty’s Plate

I am open to partnering with brands that I personally use. I do not accept brand work for free products. Please contact me through my contact form for my current media kit and price sheet.